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Personalized learning paths ensure you never feel overwhelmed or left behind, fostering a stress-free environment. Fit learning into your busy schedule, whether at home, work, or on-the-go, with seamless access from any device.

An Online Solution That Automates And Increase Productivity.

Our platform was built to create a pathway for educators to get better integrated with Emerging AI technologies 


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AI Strategies and Implementations

Increase productivity for your business. Reduce the repetitive tasks in your personal life. The integrations are limitless.

AI Education Enhancements

From auto-adjusting courses and feedback loops to self-taught systems, we can do it all.

AI Management

Initial one-to-one consultation, integrations and more. Weekly Progress Reviews so you know what you understand.

Community Member

For the ones that want to do

Why join?
  • Join a community of learners
  • Customize your leaners card
  • Share notes, messages and more with other learners
  • Post about your work and success
  • Get updates on activities in the member feeds and notifications


For the ones that want to build

Why Partner?
  • We host your courses, manage your learners and you get paid
  • We give suggestions and market your courses under the same price
  • You remain the owner of your content at all times
  • Includes customer service, tech support and reports on your courses

Learn at Your Own Pace

AI adapts to your learning style, allowing you to progress at a comfortable speed.

Interactive Experiences

Enjoy captivating multimedia content and hands-on simulations that make learning fun and effective.

Real-Time Feedback Loop

Synth Learning provides instant feedback, helping you correct mistakes and reinforce knowledge.

Want to book

Allow us to make your work and life easier. This is perfect for people who want a hands-off approach.

Public Engagment

Professional Development

Currated Curriculum

AI Policy Development /Implementation

AI Strategy Development / Implementation

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Common Questions

Depends on your goal. Do you want to learn how to do it? Learners is it. Do you want to teach someone to do it? Educators is the way. Do you want someone else to do it, contact me today.

There is no set amount. We have a process of submission you do and that’s it.

Most courses are uploaded instantly after reviewing the material.

Of course. We just want you to have a smooth process and provide quality courses.

Yes for everyone customer service usually reaches out withing 48 hours.

Contact us and we will talk.

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